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Conto Termico 2.0


    Technical features

    Indoor units

    1) Model:

    • Catalog code: FTXS25K
    • Type: Heat Pump


    • Cooling capacity (kW): 2.5
    • Heating capacity (kW): 2.8
    • Sound Pressure A / B / SB (dB (A)) cooling: 41/25/19
    • Sound Pressure A / B / SB (dB (A)) riscald: 41/27/19

    Dimensions and weight:

    • Indoor Unit HxWxD (mm): 289 X 780 X 215-7 kg

    2) Model:

    • Catalog code: FTXG25J-A
    • Front panel: Aluminium
    • Type: Heat Pump


    • Cooling capacity (kW): 2.50
    • Heating capacity (kW): 3.40
    • Sound Pressure A / B / SB (dB (A)) cooling: 38/25/22
    • Sound Pressure A / B / SB (dB (A)) riscald: 39/28/25
    • Treated air max (m 3 / min): 8.8

    Dimensions and weight:

    • Indoor Unit HxWxD (mm): 295 x 915 x 156 to 11 kg

    Outdoor unit


    • Catalog code: 2MXS40H 
    • Gas: R410A
    • Max matching indoor units: 2

    Energy efficiency:

    • Nominal efficiency EER (W / W): 3.92; COP (W / W): 4.11
    • seasonal efficiency SEER (W / W): 6.64; SCOP (W / W): 4.18
    • Energy Efficiency Class (Cooling): A ++
    • Energy Efficiency Class (Heating): A +
    • CEA cooling consumption (kWh): 211
    • Consumption in heating CEA (kWh): 1016


    • Cooling capacity (kW): 4.0                                    
    • Heating capacity (kW): 4.4
    • Sound pressure OU. Cooling / Heating (dB (A)): 47/48

    Electrical data:

    • Power supply (V / Hz / Φ): 220 ~ 240/50/1     
    • Power Consumption Heating (W): 1020
    • Cooling Power Consumption (W): 1070

     Dimensions and weight


    • Outdoor Unit HxWxD (mm): 550 x 765 x 285; 38 kg

    General characteristics

    New K Series :   stylish design and silent operation

    The soft lines and simple style to fit with all the interiors.
    The unit is distinguished by the quality of materials and the upper level of finishes as the hidden side knockouts.

    • New design with soft lines and modern
    • Quiet operation: reduced sound pressure up to 19dB (A)
    • compact size
    • Econo function reduces power consumption and allows the simultaneous use of other electrical equipment
    • Comfort mode: optimal distribution of the ambient temperature
    • titanium apatite filter to ensure a steady supply of clean air
    • Silent function reduces by 3dB (A) the indoor noise
    • Night mode: prevents, saving energy, temperature changes during sleep
    • Powerfull operation: allows you to bring the ambient temperature rapidly in
    • efficient internal drives: all models are in Class A
    • Power consumption in standby mode optimized
    • Presence sensor : if it is not detected the presence of people in the space of 20 minutes, the system automatically switches to power-saving mode


    EMURA Series: An excellent design and technology 

    The new Daikin Emura wall model is an excellent design and technology.

    • The ultra-thin profile and elegant finish of the white versions matt or brushed aluminum make it an ideal piece of furniture.
    • Optimum air distribution thanks to the comfort function.
    • Excellent energy class (A) for a content and a conscious consumer attention to the environmental impact.
    • The new wall is a perfect combination of: style and substance, image and functionality, intelligent heating and efficient cooling.
    • Ultra-compact size: only 156 mm deep.
    • econo function that reduces power consumption by allowing the simultaneous use of other equipment.


    • Elegant with subtle aesthetic
    • Energy saving: very high SEER 
    • Energy Class A ++
    • Ensures maximum comfort
    • minimum of 22 dB sound pressure value (A)
    • Wide operating range: -10 to 46 ° C for cooling and -15 to 20 ° C for heating.
    • Remote control with settings in the 24-hour weekly program.

    Inverter technology

    Daikin Emura uses one of the latest innovations in intelligent climate control: Inverter technology. It ensures that the environment is brought more quickly to temperaturadesiderata and remain at that temperature with minor fluctuations. The constantly monitored internesono temperatures and the unit acts ensuring the heating or raffreddamentodesiderati so smooth and rapid with less of stop / start cycles and, thus, an energy notevolerisparmio. Consumption, in fact, can be reduced by up to 30% per year.

    With its strategic plan called "20/20/20", Europe aims to produce 20% less CO, using 20% ​​more renewable energy and consume 20% less primary energy by 2020. to facilitate the achievement of these objectives, it issued Directive ERP that specifies the minimum requirements of eco-design to be integrated on energy-using products, such as improved energy efficiency. For air conditioning units with a capacity below 12kw, the minimum requirements are based on a new seasonal efficiency. Daikin has already integrated these changes, thus emphasizing its contribution to achieving these ambitious goals.

    The European Union requires the application of objective metrics for measuring performance in order to establish the minimum requirements and provide customers with information concerning the performance of the profits for their purchase air conditioners. The methodology used up to 2012 the nominal efficiency (EER) - presents a considerable difference between the planned and actual performance. For this reason it has developed a more accurate method: the seasonal efficiency (SEER). Among the most significant changes include the introduction of different reference temperatures for cooling and heating, the ability to use energy and part load and full load and power used in alternative and standby mode. Whereas the majority of systems operate mostly in part-load conditions, the new method will allow to better evaluate the performance of a unit in real conditions. The energy class shown in the new label, both in cooling and in heating, absolutely can not be compared to the energy class which presented the old energy label since the latter was based on specific indices (EER and COP) and not the seasonal indices SEER and SCOP.

    Function COMFORT

    In cooling mode, the flaps are locked in the horizontal position and the air flow is conveyed parallel to the ceiling. In this way it is avoided that annoying cold air drafts can invest the user directly.
    In heating mode, the fins are locked in vertical position by channeling the flow of air downwards. This ensures a uniform air distribution throughout the room.

    Silent ventilation

    The indoor unit distributes air almost imperceptibly. The noise produced reaches just 22dB (A) in cooling. For comparison the average noise level in a room is about 40dB (A). And we guarantee the outdoor unit will not disturb your neighbors.

    Intelligent Eye

     Daikin Emura has a movimentoincorporato sensor that detects the presence of personenella room. If the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes, the unit automatically switches allamodalità energy savings. Appenaqualcuno back into the room, the condizionatoretorna to the original setting

    POWERFUL operation

     If you need to heat or raffreddarela room quickly, for example quandosi returns home after a very caldao very cold day, you can use the modalitàpowerful. It activates the delmassimo volume of air treated for 20 minutes primadi automatically restore the original next to the setting unit.

    NIGHT operation

    To facilitate a comfortable sleep, DaikinEmura prevents overheating or overcooling during the night. If the timer is activated, the unit automatically sets latemperatura to 0.5ºC and 2ºC more in modalitàraffreddamento less in modalitàriscaldamento. This prevents rapidicambiamenti room temperature chepotrebbero disrupt sleep

    Outdoor Unit:

    All Multi Daikin outdoor units are machines with Inverter technology, have an elegant design, yet sturdy and can easily be placed on a terrace, a roof or against an outside wall.

     The outdoor units are protected with a special anti-corrosion treatment in acrylic of the heat exchanger fins which ensures the resistance of the same even in difficult weather conditions.  All Multi Daikin outdoor units enable autonomous management of the indoor climate by the individual indoor units .


    • Technology:  PAM Inverter : Inverter technology to digital control that allows a better performance of the electric motor;
    • Swing compressor : This compressor is equipped with neodymium magnets (instead of the conventional ferrite) which ensure the supply to direct current, low power consumption and a superior life cycle of the condensing unit.

    Product warranty

    All products for sale on our site are new and packed. The warranty on this product is  24 months from date of purchase.

    Costs and Mode 'Shipping

    From the day of receiving payment, the product will be 'shipped within 3 working days. Shipping insurance for Italy is gratuita.La Shipping will take place 'by one of the following carriers: GLS EXECUTIVE AWS UPS



Daikin leader mondiale giapponese ad Ōsaka nel 1924 è il primo produttore a mettere in commercio il sistema di climatizzazione multi split. Oggi Daikin è leader indiscusso nel mercato europeo grazie anche alla sede produttiva ad Ostenda in Belgio. Daikin ha presentato una novità il nuovo gas refrigerante R32 che permette di ottenere per tutti i condizionatori residenziali delle classificazioni energetiche che arrivano alla classe A+++ con dei bassissimi consumi energetici. Nuovi modelli di punta della gamma Daikin sono: Daikin Emura, Daikin Nexura, Daikin Ururu Sarara.

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